Monday, September 19, 2016

Past and Present Reads as Book Reviews With Some Cinema by Frank Funicello

READS. And take me to the movies....

Did someone say "cinema", "baseball", "Kevin Costner", and "books"?

Frank Funicello is a relative of Annette Funicello, the star of the Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers in the 1950's. Frank has started READS, a book review blog (with occasional cinema reviews) at Past and Present Reads. Frank really knows his books and movies.

Thus far he has short takes on cinema, baseball, a murder trial, and more:
  • for Baseball fans and Kevin Costner fans, see Frank's Say it ain't so, where he writes:
    "Yesterday, the Canadian writer W.P. Kinsella passed into his own field of dreams.  A lot of people may have never heard of him but his novel Shoeless Joe went on to become the film Field of Dreams, with which many are familiar.  As often is the case, the book was better than the film, although the film wasn't awful, just a touch on the "schmaltzy" side and personally I think it was Kevin Costner's best movie next to his Bull Durham."
  • When in Rome (or Pompeii)..... Books and Film
  • Re: Re-Reading "tasty" or "digestible" books
  • Murder, She Wrote (about)....  a murder trial out of Australia 
  • Man, that Booker on the Man Booker Prize
  • Danish, anyone? on The Danish Girl cinema film

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Global Innovation to Transgress Cultural Boundaries

A new book by Springer publishers in the category of
"Professional Learning and Development in Schools and Higher Education"
is Global Innovation of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
subtitled as Transgressing Boundaries, Eds: Prudence C. Layne & Peter Lake.

The book is described at that page as "Bridges approaches to teaching and learning across the boundaries of different cultures, disciplines and institutions." Obviously this is a topic of actual, current interest.

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